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Open Days November and December 2020

You're invited to Zoom in and ask all your questions. Call 072 426 3205, or e-mail, or WhatsApp a message to 072 395 3400 to arrange a convenient time for the zoom interaction.

If you are new to Zoom, it takes a few minutes to download the Zoom app (check for updates) on your device.  We will need your e-mail address to send the Zoom meeting invitation to your device.

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Grades (Optional) Overview



We facilitate tuition of the Trinity College London, modern music syllabus  ROCK & POP. This syllabus includes material in most popular music styles including Rock, Pop, Blues, Hip Hop,  and R&B for ; KEYBOARD, GUITAR, BASS GUITAR, DRUM KIT AND VOCALS.
This syllabus is generally less theory orientated and very practical in it’s delivery, and facilitates from absolute beginners (Initial level), and through Grade 1 to the very advanced Grade 8.
The recommended 30 minute individual lesson per week is adequate to work through the syllabus at a manageable pace.


RSL’S POPULAR THEORY is the essential syllabus for contemporary musicians, and includes music notation for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals and Keyboard and essential BAND analysis principles.


The aim of the musical production syllabus is to provide a flexible, progressive mastery approach to the knowledge, skills
and understanding required for music production.

The content includes –

Music production terminology
Sound and audio fundamentals
Developing listening skills with specific focus on –
Sonic fidelity
Music theory and harmony
Stylistic awareness
Coursework tasks to develop technical skills

Amazing Things for You

Learning an instrument or developing your voice (natures instrument) is a journey and not a destination. The experience is so different for each individual. And totally rewarding.

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