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Individual On-Line Lessons

You Are Invited

You're invited to Zoom in and ask all your questions. Call 072 426 3205, or e-mail jill@themusicschool.co.za, or WhatsApp a message to 072 395 3400 to arrange a convenient time for the Zoom Q&A interaction.

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"To Get Your Grades, We Need 30 Minutes Of Your Time - Once A Week.”

Video Grade Submissions Throughout The Year

Trinity College (London) Rock & Pop Grades

Grades - Initial to Grade 8

A comprehensive, practical approach to learning your instrument and developing your skills.

Rockschool London Grades

Popular Music Theory - Debut to Grade 8

Specifically developed to address the need  to understand the role of  all the band members.

Music Production - Grades 1 to 8

With the power of digital DAW;s at your fingertips today, this syllabus is essential to have a complete understanding of your studio – both the hardware and software components.

Trinity College London Theory Grades

Music Theory (Traditional) Grades 1 to 8

Piano/Classical based theory as it evolved through the decades. Essential for the understanding of  music in practice.

Amazing Things Await You

Learning an instrument or developing your voice (natures instrument) is a journey and not a destination. The experience is so different for each individual. And totally rewarding.

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